About Us

ReloNest is a quality-controlled relocation platform that will allow you to personally choose the best partner for your move when relocating to Switzerland. You deserve the best approved professional to guide you through the home finding process and help your family settle in an unknown city. Your new home is our expertise.

You can choose your relocation expert according to your needs,  and start the process today.

A Pre-Visit Trip, a permanent Home Search, a School Search, and a Temporary Accommodation Booking are only a few examples of how we can help you.

You can book all services online in a transparent and easy way. Service fees are based on a daily structure and can be tailor made. The detailed description will give insight into each service and expected time frame.

All independent relocation agents on this platform have extensive professional experience and went through a strict selection process in order to guarantee your perfect relocation.

ReloNest is here to accompany you during this new step in your life, making it stress free and successful. We offer the best service with the lowest impact on your relocation allowance.



How It Works?

01 Choose the ciity you are moving to and the service you want
02 Choose your prefered consultant
03 Check the availability
04 Submit request and wait for confirmation

Our Services

Our fees are based on day of services and the description is a guideline of what can be done and achieved during that time. Services can be adapted to your needs if time permits.

Become a ReloNest Consultant

Register Wait to be contacted by us Wait for approval Be a ReloNest Consultant
In a matter of days, you can become part of the ReloNest platform. You are free to set your fees and have access to the platform: requests, chats, calendar, payments. We are looking forward to your registration and to welcome you at ReloNest. 

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