Managing Employee Relocation

Are you hiring?

Would you like to offer the best welcoming package to your newly hired employee for him/her to start the new job head free from the worries that a relocation involves?

It happens during an employee career that an organization moves employees from one location to another. Relonest offers effective relocation programs, including arranging temporary and permanent accommodation, educational support services for the children, settling in and also immigration. It covers all elements of an employer relocation for the transferee and his/her family.

Relonest provides clients with the best service available at the best possible price – thanks to our Platform made by professionals and high qualified relocation agents.

Why Relonest

a different approach to relocation.

When you partner with Relonest, you're working with a proven industry model, a homegrown strategy that combines our people, process, and our passion for technology to provide enhanced mobility management for the next generation of relocation.

Our people

We really have the best job on Earth.
We get to assist companies in accomplishing their goals and employees in finding new homes.

Our process

We monitor and evaluate our operations on a regular basis to guarantee that all members of our relocation network have been thoroughly verified, trained, and are of the best quality. This equates to a more effective mobility programme for you and your employees, as well as a better overall experience.

Our team carefully selects and manages service providers for you so that we can maintain quality and provide you with more affordable pricing. In a nutshell, we take care of everything so you can focus on your business.

Our technology

At Relonest, we are real tech enthusiasts. We developed a secure, integrated system that provides greater transparency, efficiency, and control for your entire mobility process thanks to our strong culture of innovation and technology. These industry-leading technologies enable us to be agile and adapt to our client's evolving needs, resulting in successful mobility.

A variety of cutting-edge solutions for corporate clients, employees, and the Relonest team take successful relocation planning to the next levels.