Our Services

Our Services

The ReloNest Relocation Consultants directly offer you all the destination services needed for your move to a new city. Their local experience and expertise guarantee your success.

Our "All-Inclusive Package" offers a hassle-free and comprehensive relocation experience, tailored to your needs.  Your dedicated relocation consultant provides tailored support, guiding you through every step of the process and ensuring your specific requirements are met.  

Home Search: We handle all aspects of finding your new home, considering your budget and preferences. From property search to negotiations and paperwork, we make the process seamless.

Temporary Accommodations: While your permanent home is being arranged, we secure comfortable temporary accommodations, ensuring a smooth transition.

Utility Setup: We assist with setting up essential utilities like electricity, water, internet, and cable services, ensuring a comfortable living environment from day one.  

Settling-In Services: We help with tasks like opening bank accounts, exchanging driving licence, and registering with authorities, ensuring a smooth transition to your new location.

School Search : For families with children, we provide guidance on local or international schools and assist in the enrollment process, ensuring a smooth transition for your children's education.

Ongoing Support: Your relocation consultant is always available to address any questions or concerns, providing ongoing assistance even after you've settled in.

With our "All-Inclusive Package," you can relax and focus on starting your new chapter while your dedicated relocation consultant takes care of all the details. Our goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free relocation experience, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process.


Immigration Consultancy

Are you moving to a new country and uncertain how to proceed? A ReloNest Immigration Consultant will assess your case and advise you how to proceed, according to your personal situation. Please note that this is a pure consultancy service and no applications are included. The fee is based on a maximum of 3 hours consultancy.


Preview Trip

Also known as Area Orientation, this service provides you and your family with a better understanding of the local area. For example, what are the best areas to live, factoring in your future office and/or school locations. What are the housing standards, and what are the costs? What will your commute be like, and where will your family truly be happiest? This “lay of the land” service is highly recommended before accepting a job opportunity or initiating a home search.


School Search

The Relonest Relocation Consultant understands that children are your priority during a relocation. Education is fundamental and this important program helps you to understand the options available for your children in the host country. The consultant has a vast knowledge of the system, available curriculums and school options. Local knowledge is vital to help you choose and apply to the correct school. We organize the visits and follow up with the applications. This service (maximum 3 schools) is booked during your desired visit dates. We recommend this service before the Home Search.


Temporary accommodation Search

Coordination and booking of apart hotels, serviced or short term furnished apartments according to your specific needs and priorities. Through the network of local providers and knowledge of the local market, the Relonest Relocation Consultant will send you the best options. This is the ideal solution while you are waiting for your shipment and/or still looking for a permanent accommodation.


Home Search

The Home Search service helps you find the permanent apartment or house in your new home city. The strong relationship with landlords, real estate agents and vast local knowledge of our Relonest Relocation Consultants will assure a successful search. The program typically includes the following services, in separate stages. Stage 1: the pre-selection and booking of housing possibilities, plus one day of accompanied property viewings according to your criteria and market availability. Stage 2: completion of lease applications, including follow-up, negotiation and coordination of lease contract, and lease and deposit payment. Stage 3: assistance with property handover, including detailed protocol assistance, and assistance with utility connections where required.

The program requires a minimum of two days, one day as preparation, administration work and hand over of the keys and one day of visits (maximum 8 properties). This service is booked during your desired visit dates.


Administration Assistance

The program, also known as Settling In, handles the necessary  administration required to settle into your new home. The one-day program typically includes assistance with opening your bank account, activation of telephone lines and internet connection, exchange of driving licence, registration with the authorities, and coordination of insurances. The Relonest Relocation Consultant can adapt the service to your needs and the country specifications.


Departure Services

Leaving a country has its own administrative challenges and difficulties. A stress-free departure is possible with the expertise of a ReloNest Relocation Consultant. This service can be tailored to the specific tenancy situation and country specifics, but typically includes lease and contract cancellations, accompanied exit inspection, and de-registration with the authorities. Local knowledge is vital in order to obtain a fair return of the deposit and to avoid unnecessary charges.

Would you like to have some advice on the services that you might need?

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