Privacy Data Policy

ReloNest Ltd wishes to disclose the manner in which we will collect, process, store, disclose and transfer your personal data in order to provide your contracted relocation services. References to "we" and "our" in this disclosure document refers to ReloNest Ltd. 

Personal data or personally identifiable information (PII)
The terms "personal data" or "personally identifiable information" (PII) refer to personal details about you and/or your family members that you submit to us in order to provide the requested relocation services on your behalf. Such PII may include, without limitation, your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, national identification number, passport details, or any other data relating to you or your family members that may constitute personal data under any law. This information will most likely be collected directly from you and may include special categories of data, such as your ethnicity, religion, and/or health condition, only if required to provide the contracted services. The collected personal data will be securely stored by ReloNest in any practical but secure media or format including computerised or electronic records as well as paper-based files that may be created or made available in connection with your relocation.

Processing of personal data
We will collect, process, store, transfer, and delete your PII only for the specific purpose of providing your contracted services, including the following: (a) arranging your relocation and storage of your household goods; (b)home sales, purchases, and rentals; (c) immigration services; (f) cultural assistance/language training; and (g) generating records and reports relating to the contracted services. ReloNest will not use your PII for any purpose other than the contracted services as described in this disclosure document, unless it is required or authorised by applicable law. 

Transfer and protection of personal data
In order to provide the contracted services, we may transfer PII to our service providers wherever located throughout the world, including in countries outside of your country of residence and destination. PII may be securely stored in databases outside of your country of residence and/or on secure cloud-based servers hosted by reputable cloud service providers. ReloNest's global headquarters is located in Lucerne, Switzerland. As a result, personal data will be stored on ReloNest's secure servers in that country to enable ReloNest to generate management reporting necessary business reports for internal consumption only. In some instances, we may disclose limited PII on a need-to-know basis to ReloNests qualified service partners who are directly involved in the provision of the contracted services. ReloNest may also share information about you with ReloNest's auditors, bankers, attorneys, and other professionals. All of ReloNests service partners and vendors are contractually obligated to protect PII at all times and have agreed to protect all personal data with appropriate technical and organisational measures. ReloNest will retain your personal data only for as long as necessary and in accordance with ReloNest's data retention policy. 

Your rights
You have the right to access PII relating to you and make corrections to any inaccurate information about you. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Requests should be made in writing and submitted either to ReloNest Ltd at Keppelistrasse 15, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland or via email to [email protected]


I have reviewed the above disclosure by ReloNest Ltd, and I hereby consent for ReloNest to process my (and/or my family's) personal data.

If I complete the registration form I agree with the terms above and consent ReloNest to process my(and/or my family's) perosnal data .If you do not consent to the above, please do contact us via [email protected].