Why ReloNest

ReloNest is a global quality controlled relocation platform that will allow you to choose the best partner to assist with relocating.
You deserve to have the best approved professional helping you and your family settle in a new home city. 
Relocation to Switzerland is our expertise. You can choose your relocation expert directly, according to the matching criteria, and start the process today.

Pre-visit trip, permanent home search, school search, and temporary accommodation booking are only a few examples of how can we help you.

You can book all services online on a transparent and easy way. Service fees are based on a daily structure and can be tailor made. The detailed description will give insight on each service and expected time frame.

All independent relocation agents in this platform have extensive professional experience and went through a strict selection process to guarantee you a perfect relocation. The quality and the process are on permanent control by ReloNest.

ReloNest is here to accompany you in this new step of your life and make it stress free and successful: The best service with the lowest impact in your relocation allowance.

No intermediate with no added value between you and the consultant, therefore no extra costs.

A smart, qualified service for the best price.